US Navy Flag

The US Navy Flag bears the Seal of the Department of the Navy in the center. Below is a blue text reading "United States Navy" over a yellow field. The color of the letters matches the color of the background of the entire flag.

The unofficial predecessor of the current US Navy Flag was the Infantry Battalion Flag flown by the Navy during drills and ceremonial occasions.

Like the US Army Flag, the offical US Navy Flag was adopted by President Dwight Eisenhower in April, 1959. The flag is often used in ports, during parades and other celebrations. It is never displayed on ships at sea or on poles at naval land installations. Instead, the US Coast Guard Ensign is used to identify US ships and facilities.

The flag is 4 feet and 4 inches by 5 feet and 6 inches, with the Seal in the center measuring 2 feet and 6 inches in diameter.