US Air Force Flag

The US Air Force Flag bears a coat of arms, thirteen white stars, and the Air Force Seal over a blue background. The stars, similar to the original US flag, represent the original Thirteen Colonies that became the first States of the Union. Three of the stars clearly stand out, as they are intercepted by the Eagle's wings; they represent the Departments of National Defence which include the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Below the crest of the flag is the famous American bald eagle over a cloud-like formation, which symbolizes creation of a new firmament.

Similar to the US Marine Corps Flag, there are two versions of the flag. The flag used indoors and during parades is bordered by a gold fringe, whereas the outdoor version is plain.

The US Air Force Flag was adopted by President Harry Truman in March of 1951, and since then no major adjustments have ever been made to it.